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Building a happy, productive, and successful career on the frontlines of healthcare goes well beyond clinical acumen and mastering of skills. Florence Health supports you through all the dimensions of your career as a nurse or advanced practice provider and your life—and when they intertwine.

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Laugh to Build Resilience

3 Ways to Build Resilience

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed your life and has most likely challenged your resilience. Build back your resilient zone with these tips.
Electronic Health Records Safety

Photos May Prevent Wrong-Patient Order Errors

Something to consider when facemasks aren’t a thing: Including pictures with electronic health records (EHR) could decrease the rate of wrong-patient order entries.
A proactive team

The More Proactive You Are, the More Successful a HCP You Might Be

Proactive people tend to create positive outcomes. And compared to reactive people, they tend to perform at higher levels. Now, a study out of the University of...
Nursing during Covid-19 pandemic

How Covid-19 Changed Nurse Life

Nurse life changed because of the pandemic: the hours, the job, the career. A new survey sheds light on what it’s like to be a nurse in...
Compassionate nursing while wearing PPE

Don’t Let Covid-19 Get in the Way of Compassionate Nursing

Compassion and nursing are bedfellows, but the Covid-19 pandemic has strained this symbiotic relationship. What once was conveyed by touch and nonverbal communication, no longer can be...
Nurse doctor with migraine headache

Why Headaches in Healthcare Professionals Are Common

Sometimes they’re pounding. Sometimes they’re stabbing. Sometimes they’re a dull ache, and sometimes they’re debilitating. They are headaches, and according to research, half of healthcare professionals experience them.
Male nurse looking out a window

What We Should Know About Male Nurse Burnout

Burnout syndrome affects a wide range of nurses...even when there isn’t a pandemic in process. It is a concern of administrators and healthcare leaders alike. Numerous researchers...
Mindfulness can happen in small moments—like enjoying the aroma of coffee

Mindful Self-Care + Meaning Made = Higher Professional Quality of Life

Recent research evaluating the factors that contribute to professional quality of life of palliative care workers (PCW) found that engaging in mindful self-care activities had a direct and positive effect. 
Young woman feeling lethargic and holding neck

Are My Symptoms a Sign of Distress or Covid-19?

Distress can manifest as physical symptoms. And when you're a healthcare worker during Covid-19, sometimes it's hard to tell whether you're experiencing psychological symptoms or those of...
Sleep promotes positive emotions

See the Silver Lining in Any Situation, Sleep

Sleep could be the great equalizer. It helps your body rest and your mind process and organize. And it might just help you process situations better when...
Nurse working the night shift at the hospital

How Shift Work Changes Your Body Clock

When you’re on the night shift, do you notice that you feel different? If you’re always on nights, do feel like you’re always battling your weight? Research...
Depressed woman

How Pandemics Affect Healthcare Workers’ Mental Health

While SARS and MERS, hasn’t helped us fight SARS-CoV-2, these pandemics may help us understand the mental health problems we face. To do...
Nurse having headache from work while wearing PPE suit for protect coronavirus disease.

Is PPE Causing Your Headaches?

Wearing full PPE for four hours or more could result in a headache, suggests research published in Headache. Researchers in Wuhan, China, surveyed...
Medical team performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation

14 Medical Procedures That Pose a High Covid-19 Risk to You

Some medical procedures carry more risk of coronavirus transmission than others. Those that create aerosols top the list. An aerosol is a suspension of fine solid...
Woman sleeps for more mindfulness

Today’s Sleep Affects Tomorrow’s Mindfulness

Mindfulness is when you purposefully bring your awareness and attention to what is occurring in the moment, without forming an opinion. What’s more: it can have daily...

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