Thursday, August 22, 2019

Why Clinicians Should Ask Patients Where They Live as a Standard Part of Care

That where one live plays an important role in one's health is common knowledge, but many providers don't actually have a handle on this information for their patients, according to a new study.

Poll: Should Primary Care Providers Accept Unvaccinated Patients?

Since 2001, the number of children not vaccinated for preventable diseases has quadrupled. This cultural shift has left pediatricians, as well as primary care and family medicine providers in a tough spot.

3 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Emergency Departments’ Quality of Care

Emergency departments are under more pressure than ever to provide specialized care, but doing so can seem daunting. Here, 3 cost-effective ways to boost your quality of care.
peanuts for oral immunotherapy

The Pros and Cons of Oral Immunotherapy

The constant fear of life-threatening reactions for patients with food allergies has prompted the medical community to explore oral immunotherapy, a controversial treatment that can result in remission.
pill sorter and organizer

Pill Sorters Are Dangerous for Some Patients — Learn When and When Not to Recommend...

While it may seem counterintuitive, research has shown that switching to a pill organizer can harm one's health and even result in hospitalization for older patients.

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