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Building a happy, productive, and successful career on the frontlines of healthcare goes well beyond clinical acumen and mastering of skills. Florence Health supports you through all the dimensions of your career as a nurse or advanced practice provider and your life—and when they intertwine.

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Depressed woman

How Pandemics Affect Healthcare Workers’ Mental Health

While SARS and MERS, hasn’t helped us fight SARS-CoV-2, these pandemics may help us understand the mental health problems we face. To do...
Nurse having headache from work while wearing PPE suit for protect coronavirus disease.

Is PPE Causing Your Headaches?

Wearing full PPE for four hours or more could result in a headache, suggests research published in Headache. Researchers in Wuhan, China, surveyed...
Medical team performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation

14 Medical Procedures That Pose a High Covid-19 Risk to You

Some medical procedures carry more risk of coronavirus transmission than others. Those that create aerosols top the list. An aerosol is a suspension of fine solid...
Woman sleeps for more mindfulness

Today’s Sleep Affects Tomorrow’s Mindfulness

Mindfulness is when you purposefully bring your awareness and attention to what is occurring in the moment, without forming an opinion. What’s more: it can have daily...
Green light might prevent migraines

Could Green Light Therapy Prevent Migraines?

Migraine sufferers are tormented by light; darkness is their savior. Why? Light stimulates the brain and various light types provide different levels of...
Covid-19 testing to manage PPE

Covid-19 Testing Prior to Medical Procedures Could Manage PPE

As we look toward a second wave of coronavirus infections and PPE shortages, the medical community continues to look for ways to manage supplies. Universal testing for...

7 Terms Nurses Should Stop Using — And 6 You Should Say More Often

"Just a nurse." This phrase is said often in healthcare settings, but it belittles the invaluable service nurses provide patients and the rest of the care team...

11 Nurses Share Why They Decided to Leave the Bedside

Understaffing, low-pay, more high-acuity patients, abuse from peers and leaders, physical injuries and burnout all drive nurses away from the bedside.

States with the Most Accommodating Laws for NPs and PAs

What it's like to work as an RN, NP, or physician assistant can change drastically from state to state. (Just ask a travel nurse!)

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