Friday, January 24, 2020


8 #NPWeek Deals for Nurse Practitioners

#NPWeek is a time to celebrate the hard work and invaluable contribution of the nation's 270,000 advanced practice registered nurses to our...

6 Tips to Help Breast Cancer Patients Through Depression

Here, two mental health professionals who manage breast cancer patients provide some guidance for clinicians unfamiliar with this journey.

Fewer People Are Developing Diabetes Each Year, Study Finds

Since the number of new cases of diabetes peaked in the 2000s, fewer people have developed the condition in recent years, new research suggests.

How to Talk to Cancer Survivors About Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

If you treat cancer survivors but avoid recommending lifestyle changes out of fear of overwhelming them or stressing them out, then you're...

Groundbreaking UTI Research May Lead to More Effective Treatments

Because UTIs affect half of women, they're a major burden on global healthcare. New research may have unveiled a way to more effectively treat this common infection.

This Simple, Evidence-Based Solution Empowers Pharmacists to Become ICU Specialists

Having several pharmacist on staff who specialize in common ICU conditions greatly improves patient care, a new study finds. What's more, teaching them this expertise is highly cost-effective.

Nurses Around the World are Taking a Viral Challenge to be More Active

Make small lifestyle changes for the #NursesActive challenge this August — and they may last a lifetime!

6 Ways to Empower Middle-Age Patients to Boost Their Heart Health to Prevent Dementia

To prevent dementia as a senior, taking good care of one's heart during middle age can serve as a strong foundation, according to new research.

Chronic Disease Patients with ‘Empathetic’ PCPs Have Lower Risk of Mortality

Forming a connection with patients and demonstrating empathy is central tenet of healing, and a new study sheds light on why: It...

Survey: These are the Highest-Paid Specialities for NPs and PAs

Healthcare facilities, hospitals, and medical groups are looking to hire more medical specialists and fewer primary care practitioners than in previous years — but PCPs are still the most in-demand specialty.

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