Sunday, January 24, 2021

Women’s Health

‘Nurses are the Worst Patients in the World,’ Says RN Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Becoming a registered nurse led Charlie Johnson to uncover her breast cancer diagnosis much faster than she would've without a medical background....

Breast Cancer Trial Vaccine Eradicates Tumor of Stage 0 Patient

Thanks to a major milestone from a recent clinical trial, a breast cancer vaccine to protect healthy patients may be available within the next several years.

4 Common Myths Patients Believe About Breast Cancer & Nutrition

Many people suffering from breast cancer are interested in maintaining a healthy diet, but there’s a ton of misinformation floating around, so separating fact from fiction can be tricky for patients.

Treating Breast Cancer Patients: 4 Symptoms You’re Probably Overlooking

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time for providers to remember the intricacies of caring for breast cancer patients, even outside oncology settings.

Groundbreaking UTI Research May Lead to More Effective Treatments

Because UTIs affect half of women, they're a major burden on global healthcare. New research may have unveiled a way to more effectively treat this common infection.

4 Tips for Talking to Patients About Vaccine Hesitancy

When debating a contentious issue, forcefully explaining your point of view without listening to what your opponent has to say rarely works,...

Top 7 Signs You’re Treating a Human-Trafficking Victim – and How to Respond

For many victims of human trafficking, their only chance to find freedom comes when and if they see a healthcare provider.

Almost Half of Nurses Providing Prenatal Care Are Misinformed About Alcohol Use During Pregnanc...

Organizations like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) openly discourage moms-to-be from drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy because...

NICUs Serving Primarily Black Families Have More Dangerous Nurse-to-Patient Ratios

That mothers and babies of color experience much higher maternal and infant mortality rates than their white counterparts has been well-documented. New research indicates this disparity extends to the NICU, too.

A 12-Month Supply of Birth Control Pills Cuts Costs and Unintended Pregnancies

Check whether you practice in a state that legally requires insurance to cover a 12-month supply of OCP.

11 Best Resources to Screen for Violence for Primary Care Providers

Violence isn't routinely addresses in primary care even though it's a leading cause of death among people between 1 and 44 years old. Learn how to integrate violence screenings into your everyday practice.

Women With High “Biologic” Age Have Elevated Breast Cancer Risk

A woman’s biologic age, which is actually a DNA-based estimate of a person’s age, is linked to the future development of breast...

Hirsutism — Not Always Benign

Hirsutism is a significant source of distress and loss of self-esteem for a woman who develops a male pattern of hair growth...

How Nurses Can Uncover Clues to Eating Disorders

An estimated 30 million Americans develop an eating disorders over a lifetime, and you may be surprised who they are. They’re not...

How Nurses Build Confidence in New Mothers

In the days after childbirth, first-time mothers look to the RNs in the maternity ward to teach them how to handle their...

Cervical Cancer Screening Conundrum

Cervical cancer incidence and mortality have declined markedly in the United States with widespread implementation of cytology-based screening programs, but many women...

Screening Helps Control Urinary Incontinence in Women

Although urinary incontinence adversely affects most women’s health, quality of life, and function at some point in their lives, the problem has...

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