Friday, February 26, 2021


Misleading Surgery Videos are Popular with Patients

Many patients don't realize online plastic surgery videos don't tell the whole story, which could increase the likelihood they'll seek out surgery.

New Options, Better Outcomes for Corneal Surgery

Each year, roughly 33,000 Americans undergo corneal transplant (CT) surgery to replace a diseased or injured cornea, the tough, transparent dome that...

Ketamine Update: New Guidelines Outline When and For Which Patients

The Devil is in the details. This homily clearly applies to the use of major pain control drugs and the current opioid...

Protecting Yourself From Contagious Patients

The CDC estimates that about 99,000 Americans die each year from health-care acquired infections. Here’s how you can protect yourself and still...

9 Opioid Formulations to Help You Fight Abuse

Opioid analgesics remain a critical component of treatment for severe intractable pain. But prescription opioid-related overdose deaths and admissions for opioid use disorder...

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