Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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The Pros and Cons of Oral Immunotherapy

The constant fear of life-threatening reactions for patients with food allergies has prompted the medical community to explore oral immunotherapy, a controversial treatment that can result in remission.

4 Tips for Talking to Patients About Vaccine Hesitancy

When debating a contentious issue, forcefully explaining your point of view without listening to what your opponent has to say rarely works,...

Top 7 Signs You’re Treating a Human-Trafficking Victim – and How to Respond

For many victims of human trafficking, their only chance to find freedom comes when and if they see a healthcare provider.

NICUs Serving Primarily Black Families Have More Dangerous Nurse-to-Patient Ratios

That mothers and babies of color experience much higher maternal and infant mortality rates than their white counterparts has been well-documented. New research indicates this disparity extends to the NICU, too.

What Nurses and PAs Need to Know About AFM as Its Peak Season Approaches

As fall approaches, so does peak season for acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), a mysterious illness that causes “polio-like” symptoms.

11 Best Resources to Screen for Violence for Primary Care Providers

Violence isn't routinely addresses in primary care even though it's a leading cause of death among people between 1 and 44 years old. Learn how to integrate violence screenings into your everyday practice.

The Top 10 Children’s Hospitals in the U.S. All Have ‘Very High’ Nurse Staffi...

The U.S. News 2019 ranking of best children's hospitals provides several additional data points indicating that high nurse staffing drives revenue.

Homemade Sunscreens Fail to Prevent Sunburns, Study Finds: What to Tell Your Patients

More parents are relying on social media for recipes for alternatives to store-bought, safety-related products and don't know they're risking their child's health.

Groundbreaking Research on Tourniquet Usage in Kids Could Save Lives in School Shootings

The purpose of the military's Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) is to stop arterial blood flow from an injured limb in adults. In...

GI Complaints in Kids Could Signal Future Emotional Problems

For many kids, frequent stomach problems aren't just an excuse to get out of class. They're often a symptom of something much darker.

5 Things Nurses and PAs Can Do to Stem the Spread of Measles

To stop the current measles outbreak, educating people about vaccine safety is crucial—and nurses and PAs have a unique platform to do so.

Zika Viruses Show Potential as Treatment for High-Risk Childhood Cancer

In partnership with Nemours Children's Health System. Zika Viruses Show Potential as Treatment for High-Risk Childhood Cancer

Managing Chronic Pain in the Pediatric Patient

Most people think that chronic pain afflicts the elderly and those who have a number of different chronic medical conditions. Unfortunately, chronic...

Acne: Something Old, Something New

Acne: it’s just one of the many reasons to be glad you’re not a teenager any more. If you are lucky, you’ve...

Rashes: Which Childhood Skin Symptoms are Dermatological Emergencies?

When kids have a rash, parents typically worry. It is the job of the healthcare provider to simultaneously calm down parents while...

Non-Invasive Approaches to Emergency Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging

Radiologic imaging, including computed tomography (CT), continues to be a standard approach to diagnosing pediatric conditions in the emergency department. In a...

Common Orthopedic Injuries in Kids — Is a Cast a Must?

Pediatric fractures are common. Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners often face the decision of immobilizing the fracture with a cast or splint....

Update on Concussion

The understanding of concussion and its more serious counterpart -- traumatic brain injury --  continues to advance as diagnostic practices evolve. For...

Ask the Allergist: Outgrowing a Food Allergy Q: How do allergists determine if a child has outgrown a food allergen? Is testing safe...

Pediatric and Law Experts Define Abusive Head Trauma

Source: Pediatric and Law Experts Define Abusive Head Trauma Consensus Statement Developed as a Tool for Legal System

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