Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Pain Management

More Patients are Misusing Common Alternatives to Prescription Opioids, Study Finds

New research finds that two pain killers branded as safe alternatives to opioids can actually be life-threatening. Learn when and how to prescribe them.

Americans Search for Info About CBD Online More Than Any Other Health Product

Thanks to marketers' claims that CBD can cure a range of ailments, from cancer to anxiety, interest in the hemp derivate has...

Does Bad Weather Really Worsen Patients’ Pain?

The next time patients express concern to you that their joints act up during troublesome weather, don't dismiss them.

Patients Can Tell When Clinicians Believe a Treatment Won’t Work — And It Affects the Out...

The power of faith has its place in medicine. That's one of the implications of a new study published...

The Future of Antibiotic Development Under Threat: What This Means for Your Practice

Another day, another study about the failures of the current healthcare market. According to a recent analysis, drug makers...

HHS Issues First Opioid Guidance in Years: Don’t Abruptly Change Prescriptions

HHS is going back on previous recommendations that prompted clinicians to reduce opioid patients' intake with little to no tapering.

7 Can’t-Miss Talking Points When Patients Ask You about Trying Cannabis

As laws change, you can be sure more patients will ask you about marijuana — either recreational or medicinal — and you have a responsibility to give them info that will keep them safe.

What Clinicians Need to Know About Every FDA-Approved CBD Product

Products containing cannabidiol that manufacturers claim have therapeutic and medical benefits are increasingly popular. Many consumers don't understand they should take such claims with a grain of salt.

Music Treats Preoperative Anxiety as Effectively as Midazolam, Study Finds

Listening to music and an intravenous injection of midazolam equally reduced preoperative anxiety. But participants who took midazolam did experience other advantages.

Nurses at Risk of “Second Hand” Opioid Exposure

The U.S. is currently in the midst of an unprecedented opioid epidemic, which has become a public health crisis with devastating consequences....

Psych Interventions Control Pain in Older Adults

Chronic pain is very common in older adults, and an issue that nurses have to work with when caring for patients...

Expectations of Pain Can Influence Actual Sensation

Can pain be a self-fulfilling prophecy? Maybe. Getting vaccinated, stubbing a toe, or even breaking a finger can hurt. Medical procedures in general...

Evidence Supports Placebos for Pain, Fatigue, IBS

Placebos, inactive substances that don’t contain any medication, shouldn’t make a clinical impact. Yet their effects can still be powerful, even if...

Ketamine Update: New Guidelines Outline When and For Which Patients

The Devil is in the details. This homily clearly applies to the use of major pain control drugs and the current opioid...

Psychosocial Care: The Too Often Overlooked Key to Successful Patient Outcomes

STORY ORIGINALLY RAN ON Catastrophic spinal cord and brain injuries are physically devastating, clearly, but it is the related...

Spotting Human Trafficking – Do You Know What to Do?

This statistic from the National Human Trafficking Hotline/Resource Center (NHTRC) shows how important it is to recognize signs of trafficking in the behavior of...

9 Opioid Formulations to Help You Fight Abuse

Opioid analgesics remain a critical component of treatment for severe intractable pain. But prescription opioid-related overdose deaths and admissions for opioid use disorder...

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