Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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Easiest Screening Tools for Assessing Suicide Risk: 7 Tips to Administer Them

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the U.S., but many providers, regardless of their point of care, don't consider screening patients for suicide risk their responsibility.

The First Study of OUD Recovery Paints a Clearer Picture of the U.S. Opioid Epidemic

The opioid use disorder (OUD) epidemic in the United States is a top concern among healthcare professionals, but there's little research investigating...

8 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Prevent Gun Violence Among Their Patients

Read the news on any given day and you're bound to see a headline about another shooting — perhaps where several unsuspecting lives were taken in a public place, a child picked up a gun that wasn't properly stored, or a teen died by suicide.

What Clinicians Need to Know About Every FDA-Approved CBD Product

Products containing cannabidiol that manufacturers claim have therapeutic and medical benefits are increasingly popular. Many consumers don't understand they should take such claims with a grain of salt.

3 Ways to Help Yourself After an Assault by a Patient

Roughly 75 percent of workplace assaults every year take place in healthcare settings. Nurses are the most likely to be victimized.

Stop Telling Substance-Abuse Patients Addiction is a ‘Disease’

New research finds the movement to de-stigmatize addiction by calling it a disease actually has had the opposite intended effect.

GI Complaints in Kids Could Signal Future Emotional Problems

For many kids, frequent stomach problems aren't just an excuse to get out of class. They're often a symptom of something much darker.

Antidepressant Could Stop Sepsis, New Study Shows

A successful treatment for sepsis, an often fatal disorder in which the body’s immune response spirals wildly out of control, has long...

Psych Interventions Control Pain in Older Adults

Chronic pain is very common in older adults, and an issue that nurses have to work with when caring for patients...

Psychosocial Care: The Too Often Overlooked Key to Successful Patient Outcomes

STORY ORIGINALLY RAN ON Catastrophic spinal cord and brain injuries are physically devastating, clearly, but it is the related...

How Nurses Can Uncover Clues to Eating Disorders

An estimated 30 million Americans develop an eating disorders over a lifetime, and you may be surprised who they are. They’re not...

Spotting Human Trafficking – Do You Know What to Do?

This statistic from the National Human Trafficking Hotline/Resource Center (NHTRC) shows how important it is to recognize signs of trafficking in the behavior of...

New Online App Takes on Sleep Deprivation

Because sleep deprivation boosts the risk of chronic diseases, increases mortality, and reduces quality of life and work productivity, investigators conducted a...

Too Much Screen Time? What Clinicians Can Do to Help

Gaming Disorder? The World Health Organization defines it as pattern of digital or video-gaming marked by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to...

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