Friday, February 26, 2021

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12 Ways Healthcare Providers can Reduce the Risk of Pandemic at Their Facility

Without proper risk management and emergency preparedness, diseases like COVID-19 can quickly overwhelm even the most organized health systems.

11 Most Common Mistakes Nurses and APPs Make When Preventing and Treating Sepsis

Sepsis just surpassed cancer to become the second-leading cause of death globally, according to a new study.

5 Steps to Create a Culture Where Staff Feel Comfortable Reporting Mistakes, Unsafe Conditions

Creating a culture of trust isn't an overnight process, but these steps can guide you to a work environment where errors and unsafe conditions no longer fly under the radar.

The Future of Antibiotic Development Under Threat: What This Means for Your Practice

Another day, another study about the failures of the current healthcare market. According to a recent analysis, drug makers...

Nurses’ Intuition Serves as Valuable Predictor of Patient Decline, Says Recent Study

Recent research confirms what nurses and those who work with them have known for years...

3 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Emergency Departments’ Quality of Care

Emergency departments are under more pressure than ever to provide specialized care, but doing so can seem daunting. Here, 3 cost-effective ways to boost your quality of care.

Nation’s Top-Performing Rapid Response Teams Share These 4 Qualities

RRTs that foster relationships with bedside nurses tend to be more effective. Learn about a few other strategies that can improve RRT success rates.

Relax — And Listen to the Melodic Medical Alarms of the Future

Mix medical alarms with vomiting, coughing, telephones and blaring intercoms and you've got a sonic torture chamber, AKA a hospital. Learn about the sound engineers fixing this phenomenon for patients and clinicians alike.

This is the Average Salary of Every Type of Hospital Employee

Employment in the healthcare and social assistance sector will account for one-third of all new jobs in the U.S. in 2026.

New EMR Feature Alerts Prescribers to Additional Treatment Options, Improves Patient Outcomes

The study tested the feature for cardiology patients, but it could benefit prescribers in a wide range of specialities.

5 Things Nurses and PAs Can Do to Stem the Spread of Measles

To stop the current measles outbreak, educating people about vaccine safety is crucial—and nurses and PAs have a unique platform to do so.

Hospitals Already Have the Key Tool Needed to Reach Zero Healthcare-Associated Infections

Story originally ran on:​ The medical world has declared zero tolerance for healthcare-associated infections (HAIs),...

Everything You’ve Learned About Patient Lifts and Transfers May Be Wrong

Hospital patient care involves a lot of heavy lifting. Sick and injured patients need to be shifted and rolled in bed, lifted...

Protecting Yourself From Contagious Patients

The CDC estimates that about 99,000 Americans die each year from health-care acquired infections. Here’s how you can protect yourself and still...

What Clinicians Are Legally Required to Document – – And How to Do It

Documentation for patient records is expected to be brief, clear, and accurate. Your state’s Nurse Practice Act provides good general guidelines on the...

Connecting Nurses, NPs, and PA’s One Secure Text at a Time

The relationship between patient and caregiver in any healthcare facility is critical. Even more so is the relationship between nurses and other...

5 Apps That Help You Spend More Time with Patients

Did you know nurses spend only about 20% of their time on direct patient care -- a fact that is “largely attributable to technology...

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