Friday, February 26, 2021


The 5 Most Impactful Diabetes Studies from 2019

Over the past year, ground-breaking diabetes research studies have looked beyond simply lowering blood sugar to controlling other harmful impacts of a...

Life-Saving, Low-Cost Diabetes Resources to Share with Your Patients

At a yearly cost of $237 billion to the healthcare industry, diabetes is ranked one of the most expensive conditions in America....

3 Outside-the-Box Dietary Strategies to Recommend to Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrition is a top concern among diabetes patients. In fact, “What can I eat?” is the most common question diabetes patients ask...

Estimate Diabetes Patients Risk of Complications Over the Next 10 Years with This New Tool

For individuals living with type 2 diabetes and obesity, the decision whether to have weight-loss surgery can be stressful, but a new...

7 Easy-to-Use, Diabetes Tech Innovations that Will Change Your Patients’ Lives

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, the perfect time to make sure you know about the latest tech helping diabetes patients lead healthier...

Fewer People Are Developing Diabetes Each Year, Study Finds

Since the number of new cases of diabetes peaked in the 2000s, fewer people have developed the condition in recent years, new research suggests.

6 of the Most Talked-About Studies from World Cardiology Congress 2019

From the end of August through early September, #CardioTwitter was buzzing with the groundbreaking research presented at the World Cardiology Congress, the largest meeting of heart experts across the globe.

6 Not-to-Miss Details from the ADA’s New Guidelines for Diabetes Tech

For the first time, the American Diabetes Association released guidelines to help providers advise diabetes patients interested in trying life-changing tech, like glucose monitors and automated insulin delivery.

The Psychology of Adhering to a Treatment Plan: Why Patients Fail and How Providers Can Help

One of the most frustrating situations for any healthcare provider is watching an individual you're trying to help fail to put your advice into action. These effective tips will help you navigate this challenge with sensitivity.

Women with Diabetes Face Greater Risk of Heart Failure Than Men

Cardiovascular disease is associated with men more so than women, but when you add diabetes to the mix, the risk of heart failure becomes greater for women, according to new research.

Chronic Disease Patients with ‘Empathetic’ PCPs Have Lower Risk of Mortality

Forming a connection with patients and demonstrating empathy is central tenet of healing, and a new study sheds light on why: It...

This New Study Changes Decades of Assumption About Interpreting Blood Pressure Readings

For decades, medical experts believed the "upper" systolic blood-pressure reading was a more important predictor of cardiovascular outcomes than the "lower" diastolic number. But new research disrupts this school of thought.

40 Million Americans in Food-Insecure Households are at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A new study reveals a link between food insecurity and insulin resistance as a result of the stress hormones released when you don't know where your next meal is coming from.

3 of the Most Talked-About Studies from the American Diabetes Association 2019 Scientific Sessi...

The American Diabetes 79th Annual Scientific Sessions concluded this week, but the meeting is still making headlines. It was...

A Stool-Based Test Could Change How We Diagnose, Prevent and Treat NAFLD and Liver Cirrhosis

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is the most common type of chronic liver disease, but it's largely under-diagnosed, even among people with an advanced stage of it.

Exercise Beats Dieting to Maintain Long-Term Weight Loss

According to a recent study published in Obesity, being physically active is even more important than dieting to prevent rebound pounds.

What Works for Long-Term Weight Loss? It’s Complicated

Adults with severe obesity have an increased risk of comorbidities and psychological, social and economic consequences. A new study reviewed the evidence for...

Diabetes Risk Increases When Patients Quit Smoking

There’s no question about it—smoking is linked to a long laundry list of health problems, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, quitting...

Paradigm Shift in Second-Line Diabetes Treatment

An ongoing question among diabetes specialists, whether second-line antidiabetic medications (ADMs) are associated with cardiovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes,...

New Options, Better Outcomes for Corneal Surgery

Each year, roughly 33,000 Americans undergo corneal transplant (CT) surgery to replace a diseased or injured cornea, the tough, transparent dome that...

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