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When Your Patients Ask About Common Skin Problems

The mother of a toddler whom you’ve treated for severe eczema for over a year asks you: “What are the long-term effects of this disease– and the topical steroids used to treat it? Will my daughter outgrow it? Will the disease get worse?

A young boy’s hands are  “bumpy” and itchy — especially on the palms — from frequent hand washing. What measures can be taken at home to address the problem?

The mother of a newborn asks: What you think about using coconut oil for treating cradle cap?

Still another patient asks: What’s the connection between diet and acne vulgaris? Nodulocystic acne? What effect does a high glycemic diet on a teenager’s skin?

You are invited to listen to answers to these and other questions about common dermatologic disorders that affect children and adolescents in this podcast— the speaker is pediatric dermatologist, Dr. Roslyn Varki, of Nemours Children’s Hospital/ Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children.


Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin, Pediatric Chat.

Last updated on 9/25/19.

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