Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Critical Care

7 Common Challenges When Dealing with Family Caregivers and How to Overcome Them

As the population ages, more of your patients will receive care at home from someone without a medical background. Registered nurses and...

This Simple, Evidence-Based Solution Empowers Pharmacists to Become ICU Specialists

Having several pharmacist on staff who specialize in common ICU conditions greatly improves patient care, a new study finds. What's more, teaching them this expertise is highly cost-effective.

A New Method of Detecting Consciousness in Patients with Severe Brain Injury

This research has the potential to change standard practices around brain injuries and inform new treatments.

Organ Failure Survival Depends on Mechanisms of Two Cell Types

Emerging research indicates that there are two cell populations that quickly respond and work together to restore a non-functioning or failing organ.

A Toilet Seat That Can Monitor Heart-Failure Patients Could Revolutionize Cardiovascular Care

Researchers say they've developed a toilet seat that can monitor patients' blood pressure, stroke volume and more.

These Cardiac Patches Hold Promise to Enhance Heart Recovery

Treatment to repair post-heart attack damage doesn't exit. But this research team is on a mission to engineer cardiovascular tissues for regenerative medicine.

Antidepressant Could Stop Sepsis, New Study Shows

A successful treatment for sepsis, an often fatal disorder in which the body’s immune response spirals wildly out of control, has long...

Gene Therapy for Morquio A Syndrome Show Promise in Slowing Progression of Disease

Gene Therapy for Morquio A Syndrome Show Promise in Slowing Progression of Disease DelawareA team led by Shunji Tomatsu,...

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