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Can You Answer These 5 Cardiology Questions, Which Stumped #CardioTwitter?

Happy Heart Month! Whether you work in cardiology or last encountered it in school, it’s important to keep your brain refreshed on challenges that come up when treating heart disease.

The below questions were shared by cardiologists and advanced practice providers based on real-life situations they’ve encountered in their everyday practice. Share how many questions you got right in the comments!

One Twitter user guessed that the sonogram revealed an alfieri stitch. Not so!

For this conundrum, several respondents suggested a percutaneous coronary intervention. The question poster leaned toward coronary artery bypass grafting because the patient is a young diabetic.

The poster added that the patient was asymptomatic. Responses from fellow #CardioTwitter users included an ACS, a TAP and recrossing the Lx.

“You know it’s a good question/challenging case when more people choose the results option than a management decision!” the poster added.

Many respondents guessed the EKG revealed a third-degree heart block. Another suggested a Mobitz II.

Share your results and any questions in the comments!

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