Tuesday, January 21, 2020


The Dietary Advice You Give Patients May Do Little to Improve Mental Health

According to new research, common beliefs about the resounding health effects of certain foods may be just that — beliefs.

Surprising Protein Therapy Could Reduce Heart Failure by Minimizing Heart Attack Scars

Researchers have discovered a new therapy can reduce the harm caused by the scar tissue that forms in the wake of a heart attack.

6 Ways Providers Can Help Low-Income Patients Afford Expensive Treatments

More than half of Americans have delayed healthcare in the past year due to financial burdens of care.

More Women are Self-Treating Endometriosis with Cannabis and CBD — But is it Safe?

Many endometriosis sufferers are taking symptom relief into their own hands by using cannabis and CBD, research finds. Learn about the risks — and if it works.

The Flu Shot is Less Effective in Certain Populations: 8 Facts to Share with Patients

Research finds obese people and possibly other groups are less protected by the flu shot than the general pop. Keep them safe with these tips.

Many Patients are Unknowingly Taking Illegal Infertility Drugs, Research Finds

What's more, patients are often hesitant to talk to their providers about it. Learn how to approach the topic and safer alternatives to recommend.

More Patients are Misusing Common Alternatives to Prescription Opioids, Study Finds

New research finds that two pain killers branded as safe alternatives to opioids can actually be life-threatening. Learn when and how to prescribe them.

More Patients are Relying on Data from Smart Watches — But How Accurate are They?

Last month, final results from the ongoing Apple Heart Study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study focused...

6 Ways Nurses Can Provide Better Care for Patients Living with HIV/AIDS

Nurses can improve treatment and access for people living with HIV/AIDs at every point along the care continuum.

Important Takeaways for Health Pros from the AHA’s New Quality Measures for HBP

The new measures prioritize a patient-centered approach and prioritize controlling HBP below the new ACC/AHA target of 130/80 mm Hg.

The Pros and Cons of At-Home Testing for Patients: What Clinicians Should Know

The resounding message: These tests are not accurate enough for consumers to be using without medical oversight.

This New, CBD-Based Compound Can Reverse CIPN—And Scientists Discovered It by Accident

Cancer treatment comes with many debilitating side effects, not the least of which is chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). Up to 85 percent...

6 Facts About Self-Harm that Every Nurse and APP Should Know

It’s hard to imagine wanting to intentionally cut or burn yourself, given the severe pain such injuries can cause. But intentional self-harm...

6 of the Most Talked-About Studies from the American Heart Association Conference 2019

A basic breakdown of the findings that prompted the most chat online and beyond.

The 5 Most Impactful Diabetes Studies from 2019

Over the past year, ground-breaking diabetes research studies have looked beyond simply lowering blood sugar to controlling other harmful impacts of a...

7 Common Challenges When Dealing with Family Caregivers and How to Overcome Them

As the population ages, more of your patients will receive care at home from someone without a medical background. Registered nurses and...

Life-Saving, Low-Cost Diabetes Resources to Share with Your Patients

At a yearly cost of $237 billion to the healthcare industry, diabetes is ranked one of the most expensive conditions in America....

General Practice Clinicians Can—and Should—Provide Mental Health Services, Research Finds

Individuals with mild to moderate mental health problems don't need to see a specialty to receive quality treatment, according to new research.

3 Outside-the-Box Dietary Strategies to Recommend to Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrition is a top concern among diabetes patients. In fact, “What can I eat?” is the most common question diabetes patients ask...

Estimate Diabetes Patients Risk of Complications Over the Next 10 Years with This New Tool

For individuals living with type 2 diabetes and obesity, the decision whether to have weight-loss surgery can be stressful, but a new...

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