Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Registered Nurses

A new approach to flu season

Covid-19   Diagnostics   Patient Care   Quality & Performance Improvement   Advice & Tips for Work   Research Today’s Read: 3.5 minutes

Your stress-less guide

Medical Devices   Education   Innovation  Healthy Living Tips Today’s Read: 2.5 minutes Start the weekend unloading your mental distress and...

Today’s theme is government agencies

Covid-19   Infection Prevention   Patient Safety   Fitness   Policy Today’s Read: 2.5 minutes A tale of a memory supplement...

Introducing an unlikely stress reliever

Covid-19   Infection Prevention   Hospitals & Health Systems   Stress Reduction Today’s Read: 3.5 minutes Pandemic-themed video games might be...

Rethink How You Pay for Nursing School with Income Share Agreements (ISAs)

This post is sponsored by Stride Funding. 12 percent, 26 percent, 31 percent—these are the growth rates projected for RNs, NPs and PAs over...
creating a culture of trust

Diversity in Healthcare: What You Need to Know Right Now

A lack of diversity among healthcare workers hurts professionals and patients alike. One nurse offers her perspective on the issue and how the industry can do better.
navigating CE system

7 Creative and Free Ways for RNs, APRNs, and PAs to Keep Up CEUs

CEUs come in classroom-style trainings, paid courses, conferences, and other unique and creative formats for every kind of learner.

8 Actions to Take to Advance Your Career in 2020, Year of the Nurse

Celebrate your profession and advance your career at the same time with these tips from nurse and podcast host Shawna Butler.
Nurse working the night shift at the hospital

How Shift Work Changes Your Body Clock

When you’re on the night shift, do you notice that you feel different? If you’re always on nights, do feel like you’re always battling your weight? Research...
Woman sleeps for more mindfulness

Today’s Sleep Affects Tomorrow’s Mindfulness

Mindfulness is when you purposefully bring your awareness and attention to what is occurring in the moment, without forming an opinion. What’s more: it can have daily...

6 Ways to Manage a Migraine at Work

Healthcare providers have a significantly higher risk of migraine than the general population, and nurses have the highest migraine risk of all HCPs, according to a nationwide,...

Managing Compassion Fatigue in the Age of COVID-19

Healthcare professionals with the heaviest COVID-19 workloads are at a high risk for both physical and mental health issues, according to a new study in the Journal...

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