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October 23, 2020Your stress-less guide
Start the weekend unloading your mental distress and restoring your resiliency zone.
Nutrition & Food   Stress Reduction

October 22, 2020Today’s theme is government agencies
A tale of a memory supplement and the FDA, the CDC redefines close contact, and what you need to know about working out with YouTube.
Covid-19   Infection Prevention   Patient Safety   Fitness   Policy

October 21, 2020Introducing an unlikely stress reliever
Pandemic-themed video games may be the release we all need, masking in small spaces holds promise, and not all hospitals are closing.
Covid-19   Infection Prevention   Hospitals & Health Systems   Stress Reduction

October 20, 2020Nurses are an important brain trust
An editorial touts nurses as the missing link in public health policy, past pandemics give us insight into mental health woes, and more.
Covid-19   Diagnostics   Policy   Wellness

October 19, 2020How patient care is changing
A healthcare system rolls out social determinants of health screening, while some clinics are registering people to vote.
Covid-19   Patient Care   SDOH

October 16, 2020It’s Friday. Let’s focus on you.
Managing emotions, sleeping to stay present, standing can lower mortality, and recipes that make cleaning up easy.
Healthy Living Tips   Nutrition & Food  Self-Care   Sleep   Stress Reduction   Wellness

October 15, 2020Gen Z and Millennial health spotlighted
New reports look at the mental health of millennials and how obesity affects Gen Z. Plus, an update on coronavirus vaccine efforts.
Covid-19   LGBTQ   Vaccines   Policy   Wellness

October 14, 2020It’s National Emergency Nurses Day
Today is National Emergency Nurses Day. It brings a documentary highlighting the amazing feats that ED nurses do each day, plus more.
Covid-19   Emergency Medicine   Conferences / Events   Scope of Practice   Sleep

October 13, 2020Rethinking staffing, blankets, hospital wards, and more
Vermont staffs up, weighted blankets may help you sleep, Covid-19 free wards may keep patients safer, and a new (but old) earworm.
Covid-19   Patient Safety   Management & Treatment   Sleep   Staffing Grids   Workplace Safety

October 12, 2020What French and British nurses are experiencing
A look at nursing worldwide, a sleep routine that could make you rest better, and an astonished baby.
Covid-19   Fitness   Sleep   Trends 

October 9, 2020No coronavirus talk today
Friday is here and we hope that you take the time to nourish yourself with food, family, and fun.
Health Tech/HCIT   Healthy Living Tips   Nutrition & Food  Personal Finance

October 8, 2020The Google Doc you should check out regularly
Aerosol scientists have laid out all the information you should know about aerosol transmission of Covid-19.
Covid-19   Medical Devices   Patient Safety   SDOH   Workplace Safety

October 7, 2020Not all Excel spreadsheets are created equal
Telehealth may have changed in-office primary care, and an excel spreadsheet may have stopped Covid-19 reporting in the UK.
Communication   Covid-19   Patient Care   Reimbursement/Payment

October 6, 2020Covid-19 vaccine updates, AI tools, and PPE shortages
Today the White House blocks the FDA guidelines for approving a vaccine under emergency use. A Covid-19 AI tool is approved.
Covid-19   Diagnostics   Medical Devices   Patient Safety   Practice Operations   Research  Workplace Safety

October 5, 2020Regeneron, healthcare job report and PPE management
What you should know about Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody treatment, healthcare added jobs, plus a simple way to manage PPE.
Covid-19   Patient Care   Hospitals & Healthcare Systems   Management & Treatment  Stress Reduction

October 2, 2020Covid-19, The White House, the latest non-treatment, and more
The latest pseudo treatment for Covid-19, a way to possibly boost your career, a treehouse to social distance in, plus Trump tests positive.
Covid-19   Management and Treatment   Patient Safety   Advice & Tips for Work

October 1, 2020HCP-friendly bills are signed
California focuses on health care, a reason to take a social media break, and the voice as a diagnostic tool
Covid-19   Diabetes   Psych / Mental Health   Health Tech   Innovation  Wellness

September 30, 2020Changes coming to telemedicine coverage
Accessible healthcare made popular by the pandemic may go longer be covered by insurance, PTSD only affects a few, and more.
Diversity & Inclusion   Psych / Mental Health   Conferences / Events   Research  Telemedicine  Wellness

September 29, 2020Health is the heart of the economy
How heart disease affects GDP, health workers ask for hero bonuses, and the link between acid reflux and type 2 diabetes.
Cardiology   Covid-19   Healthy Living Tips   Hospitals & Health Systems  Salary

September 28, 2020Four innovations that could make the second wave easier
Months into the pandemic, researchers, and companies are creating solutions to the challenges to diagnosis, treatment, and safety.
Covid-19   Diagnostics   Innovation  Research

September 25, 2020We have exciting news
It’s Friday and we have an invitation for you. Plus, a winning meal strategy, and more vaccine news.
Covid-19   Vaccines   Healthy Living Tips  Policy

September 24, 2020Are we doing enough for new nurse graduates?
A new survey looks at the future of nursing. The FDA issues Black Box Warning requirements for benzos, and more.
Covid-19   Management & Treatment   Nurse Graduates

September 23, 2020Time to go for an awe walk
Taking in your surroundings, changing vaccine timelines, and expanding retail healthcare.
Covid-19   Hospitals & Health Systems   Self-care  Stress Reduction

September 22, 2020Checks and balances in medicine
Black doctors to review the work of the CDC and the FDA, insight on transgender healthcare, and its effect on mental health.
Covid-19   LGBTQ   Rural Care   Practice Management

September 21, 2020Strength looks good on you
Start this week focusing on your emotional and physical wellbeing.
Healthy Living Tips  Shopping  Stress Reduction  Wellness

September 18, 2020Life with Covid-19 from care to career
The pandemic takes its toll on women’s ability to perform professionally, and keeps people from seeking medical care. Plus, recipes.
Covid-19   Infectious Disease   Nutrition and Food  Professional Outlook  Research

September 17, 2020How strong are patient responsibility statements?
Covid-19’s testing future, the pandemic’s risky pass time, stopping patient harassment plus more.
Covid-19   Communication   SDOH   Innovation  Workplace Safety

September 16, 2020Covid-19 antivirals, PPE fit, and remote nursing
Remote nursing is booming, the race for a treatment is quietly moving forward, and how your PPE fits can make a difference.
Covid-19   Safety   Advice & Tips   Practice Operations  Wellness

September 15, 2020What TPS means for healthcare and compassion fatigue
Paul Rudd helps you laugh about face masks while Mexico’s latest COVID policy will make you think, plus more.
Policy   Practice Operations  Wellness

September 14, 2020Nurses strike, the resilient zone, and a big idea
The field of nursing has its challenges. Today, we look at ideas that are fighting for it, strengthening it, and growing it.
Cardiology   Innovation   Professional Outlook  Wellness

September 11, 2020Climate change, N95 masks, and recipes
Innovative ways to expand N95 masks availability, an eye to how medical education should address climate, and good food.
Medical Devices   Education   Innovation  Healthy Living Tips

September 10, 2020Camp school, healthcare proposals, and drug delays
Welcome to the Daily Huddle: Helping you stay up-to-date whether you’re home or tending to patients.
Covid-19   Patient Care   Lifestyle   Policy