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9 Heartfelt Thank-Yous to Nurses from Patients That Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

When you’re a nurse who’s elbow-deep in charts and changing bedpans, it’s not easy to remember how much of a difference you’re making in people’s lives. That’s one of the upsides to National Nurses Week — everyone taking the time to remind you how much they appreciate the work you do! So, to celebrate National Nurses Week, here are some sweet stories patients have shared about nurses who went above and beyond.

1. Nurses keep their promises.

2. Nurses hold parents’ hands through their worst nightmare.

3. Nurses make fighting cancer a little more comfortable.

4. Nurses care for people at the beginning of life, end of life — and everything in between.

5. Where would kids be without school nurses?!

6. Nurses are a light in a sea of darkness.

7. Nurses are beautiful souls.

8. Nurses skip breaks to care for patients, not to play cards.

9. Nurses have plenty to teach doctors.

National Nurses Week is celebrated every year from May 6, National Nurses Day, to May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale (the namesake of Florence Health!). As healthcare professionals, you can participate in #nursesweek by sharing your support for the nursing community on social media or thanking the nurses in your life in person. Check out the American Nurses Association’s thank-you card template if you need inspiration.

What’s the kindest thing a patient has ever said to you?

Last updated on 10/1/19.

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