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7 Heart-Warming Viral Videos of Hospital Workers Dancing With Patients

Healthcare professionals, especially those who work in hospitals, know better than anyone that a kind gesture to a struggling patient or a stressed-out coworker can go a long way. So, it’s no surprise so many nurses and PAs rely on dancing to lift the energy in a room. But the effect of their silly moves often extends far beyond their hospitals! These viral dancing videos are sure to bring a smile to your face, too.

This Florida mom-to-be, Alicia Exantus, kicked off 30 hours of labor by dancing. The surprise appearances by members of her nursing team are the best part!

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PA Tony Adkins, AKA the Dancing Doc, captured the Internet’s heart because of his rhythm and the smiles he brings his patients. He works primarily with pediatric neurosurgery patients.

These nurses joined their patients in a line dance complete with plenty of fancy footwork and cheers from onlookers.

Sometimes it’s the patient who wants to dance! Sixteen-year-old Amari Hall was so excited about surviving his heart transplant that he couldn’t help but show off his moves just six days into his recovery. And his nurses were quick to join in, even with their surgical masks on!

This nurse didn’t actually dance, but she certainly gave her patient the gift of music. Olivia Neufelder became an Internet sensation in late 2017 because of her angelic voice, which she used to comfort her terminally ill patient in the days before she died of liver cancer.

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After completing nine weeks of intensive, in-patient rehab, what’s a guy to do but dance? This video shows several physical therapists at Allied Services Heinz Rehabilitation Hospital celebrating all the hard work of John Woloski, who joins them in the choreography. Woloski survived a complex CVA.

After a long hard day of work (that doesn’t involve playing card games) nothing’s better than breaking it down to a little Notorious B.I.G. That exact thought inspired the star of this sweet clip, Wisconsin-based labor and delivery nurse Leslie Oliver.

So, next time you’re having a tough day at work, just remember these Madonna lyrics (and that time she went viral for voguing in a hospital): Keep on dancing!

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