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Why a Pedicure is Good Medicine for Nurses with Sore Feet

Foot pain is a problem in any job that requires you to be on your feet — and it only gets worse as you keep walking. The best medicine is to relieve pressure on your feet and keep them feeling relaxed and comfortable. It’s called a pedicure.

We often take our feet for granted, until they begin to hurt. As with many people who have jobs that require them to be on their feet a lot, nurses experience a range of chronic foot problems that can quickly advance to where they interfere with doing the job.

One of the main complaints of nurses (particularly hospital- and long-term care nurses) is foot pain from a variety of common ailments. Some, like blisters, corns and calluses, are easy to treat (but they keep coming back), while other problems, such as bunions and heel spurs, will keep getting worse and may eventually even require medical interventions.

Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to protect your feet from the daily demands of your job:

  1. Wear good shoes. Simple advice, but you can carry it a step further by keeping at least 2 pairs of good, comfortable shoes with you. Make sure they offer good arch support and don’t pinch anywhere.
  2. Change your shoes frequently. Rotate the shoes you wear to work with another you use on the hospital floor. Switch any time your feet begin to ache or you feel a blister developing. To avoid stress from any one pair and provide some relief, change out the 2 pairs daily. Wear different — but still comfortable and supportive — shoes on your days off.
  3. Maintain your weight. Every extra pound is carried by your feet. Multiply that by the minutes of your shift and you might have some additional motivation to drop a few, if your feet are bothering you.
  4. Soak your feet to relieve muscle tension. Groom them regularly using pumice for callouses and lotion to soften skin. Keep nails well trimmed.
  5. Get regular pedicures. Opt for a nail spa where you will get a complete treatment, rather than just a nail trim and polish change. Many nail spas offer multiple types of foot, ankle and calf massages, in addition corn and callous treatment — and you’ll notice your whole body relaxes when your feet are massaged. Then, if it suits you, pick a nice polish to make yourself feel especially pampered!

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