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8 Nurses You Should Be Following on Twitter

If you’re a healthcare provider eager to connect with other professionals in your field and share your knowledge, consider using social media. Twitter, especially, is an effective tool for you to ask questions, give advice, and become a leading voice on issues you care about.

Building a social media presence takes immense courage and requires a dedication to engaging your audience. But with the right mindset, it can open up a world of personal and professional opportunities.

Whether you’re thinking about starting your own account or looking to grow your practice, these profiles are a great source of inspiration.

Gill Boast @gillboast: A registered nurse and Queen’s Nurse in the U.K., Boast shares relevant blogs and points out important events, from conferences to upcoming nursing awards. You’ll also find helpful lifestyle, blogging and community-building tips on her feed.

Patrick McMurray @NursePatMacRN: McMurray, RN, tweets common challenges and anecdotes in the nursing industry and will inspire you to be the best nurse you can be.

Jasmine Garces-King @jgkDNP_NP: Garces-King highlights diversity in the nursing community, live tweets from nursing conferences and seeks to bridge gaps between healthcare providers across the country.

Reece Jordan Doonan @Lerounxi: An ED nurse based in England, Doonan offers a taste of both touching stories and fundamental inconsistencies within healthcare. He also shares reading recommendations and provides a safe space for LGBT nurses and patients.

Gary Cope @mursenarygary: Check out “Murse” Gary’s page if you share a passion for nursing and can appreciate a quality GIF. Cope posts relatable tweets guaranteed to make you laugh, presents interesting case studies for community discussion and draws attention to hot topics in healthcare.

June Girvin @ProfJuneG: A registered nurse and Emeritus Professor of Nursing, Girvin shares her interesting lectures on the future of nursing. She also advocates for nurses having a more prominent voice in healthcare policy and politics.

Melanie Keiffer @Melaniekeiffer1: A nurse practitioner and professor of nursing at the University of Central Florida, Keiffer tweets about access to care and the future of nursing. She also spotlights cool campaigns and good reads for nurses.

Debra Jackson @debraejackson: The editor-in-chief of scientific journal J Clinical Nursing, Jack is a professor and nurse who tweets health news that can affect your practice. She’s also an advocate for growing the number of nurses worldwide as a way to increase healthcare access globally.

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Last updated on 10/1/19.

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