Saturday, January 16, 2021

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Worried About the Mental Health of a Fellow HCP? 7 Ways to Take Action

Learn to recognize the signs — especially those that fly under the radar — and how to start an open, honest conversation with the individual.

No, You Can’t ‘Make Up’ Lost Sleep: 8 Tips to Get More Before Work

When nurses don't get enough rest, the implications are greater than for other professionals.

3 Communication Hacks that Decrease Conflict in Healthcare Settings

Conflict and miscommunication are inevitable parts of life, and in healthcare settings, where life-and-death situations are always around the corner, they're even more amplified.

These Subtle Behaviors Give Away How Angry You Are—Even If You Don’t Realize It

People often say that it's better to release your emotions than to bottle them up, but is that true in the workplace?...

‘Nurses are the Worst Patients in the World,’ Says RN Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Becoming a registered nurse led Charlie Johnson to uncover her breast cancer diagnosis much faster than she would've without a medical background....

Providers Debate: Does Long Hair Belong in a Clinical Setting?

These days, many nurses wear their hair long and unrestrained with a hair tie rather than pulled back and covered by a...

5 Ways Social Media Can Harm Your Nursing Practice

According to the first comprehensive study of nurses' social media usage, engaging with social networking sites too much can negatively impact patient care.

Hospital Starts Unique Effort to Help Employees Pay Off Student Loans

Would you switch employers so you could take advantage of a program like this one?

The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is the perfect way for busy healthcare professionals to buy discounted work essentials in bulk without leaving their home.

7 Flaws in the Current CE System — And How to Navigate Them to Maximize Your Own CE Experience

Did you know there's no research indicating CE actually improves your skills as a healthcare professional? Regardless, you have to do them. Try these 5 tips to make the most of it.

Your Complete Guide to Beginning to Meditate as a Healthcare Professional

Working to save people's lives day in and day out is a stressful job, so it's only natural that as a healthcare...

The Pros and Cons of FIGS Scrubs

On the job, your comfort should be a top priority. Long shifts demand a breathable pair of scrubs that fit just right....

8 Changes to Make at Work to Prevent Burnout as a Healthcare Provider

Free time as an HCP is hard to come by. Here are a few ways to reset and find your motivation while at work.

9 Heartfelt Thank-Yous to Nurses from Patients That Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye

In celebration of National Nurses Week, here are some sweet stories patients have shared about nurses who went above and beyond.

6 Podcasts for Nurses and PAs That Are Relaxing AND Educational

Subscribing to podcasts is a low-lift way to keep up with current events in healthcare and to brush up on best practices.

8 Nurses You Should Be Following on Twitter

If you’re a healthcare provider eager to connect with other professionals in your field and share your knowledge, consider using social media....

Vroom, vroom! Watch Smiling Pediatric Patients Drive Themselves to Surgery at California Hospit...

Nurse Kimberly Martinez hated seeing the anxiety and fear that plagued her littlest patients before surgery, so she decided to add a little fun to the pre-op process.

The 5 Best Foods To Help You Survive a Super-Stressful Shift

You don't need to rely on foods high in sugar and caffeine on busy days. These on-the-go options maintain your energy and mitigate stress.

For Nurses, Hearing ‘Thank You’ at Work Boosts Much More than Their Mood

A simple expression of gratitude can have a powerful ripple effect, especially on days when the job feels completely thankless.

7 Heart-Warming Viral Videos of Hospital Workers Dancing With Patients

Healthcare professionals, especially those who work in hospitals, know better than anyone that a kind gesture to a struggling patient or a...

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