Thursday, February 25, 2021

Healthcare Administrator Lifestyle

The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is the perfect way for busy healthcare professionals to buy discounted work essentials in bulk without leaving their home.

Your Complete Guide to Beginning to Meditate as a Healthcare Professional

Working to save people's lives day in and day out is a stressful job, so it's only natural that as a healthcare...

8 Changes to Make at Work to Prevent Burnout as a Healthcare Provider

Free time as an HCP is hard to come by. Here are a few ways to reset and find your motivation while at work.

How to Protect Nurses from Burnout? Boost Self-Esteem

While anyone can experience burnout — a mental or physical exhaustion that make a job difficult, if not impossible — nurses and...

So You Want to Blog? Here’s How to Get Started

If you are a healthcare professional and thinking about starting a blog, here’s some advice: Do it (as along as it doesn’t...

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