Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Don’t Let Covid-19 Get in the Way of Compassionate Nursing

Compassion and nursing are bedfellows, but the Covid-19 pandemic has strained this symbiotic relationship. What once was conveyed by touch and nonverbal...

Mindful Self-Care + Meaning Made = Higher Professional Quality of Life

Recent research evaluating the factors that contribute to professional quality of life of palliative care workers (PCW) found that engaging in mindful self-care activities had...

See the Silver Lining in Any Situation, Sleep

Sleep could be the great equalizer. It helps your body rest and your mind process and organize. And it might just help...

How Shift Work Changes Your Body Clock

When you’re on the night shift, do you notice that you feel different? If you’re always on nights, do feel like you’re...

Today’s Sleep Affects Tomorrow’s Mindfulness

Mindfulness is when you purposefully bring your awareness and attention to what is occurring in the moment, without forming an opinion. What’s...

6 Ways to Manage a Migraine at Work

Healthcare providers have a significantly higher risk of migraine than the general population, and nurses have the highest migraine risk of all...

Managing Compassion Fatigue in the Age of COVID-19

Healthcare professionals with the heaviest COVID-19 workloads are at a high risk for both physical and mental health issues, according to a...

Diversity in Healthcare: What You Need to Know Right Now

A lack of diversity among healthcare workers hurts professionals and patients alike. One nurse offers her perspective on the issue and how the industry can do better.

4 Ways to Boost Your Heart Health as a Health Professional

High stress, break room snacks, and limited time and energy to exercise are just some of the occupational (heart) hazards that HCPs face.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Stethoscope for Your Practice

When buying a stethoscope, you must consider your specialty-specific needs, the balance of cost and quality, fit, length and much more.

Using Your Phone at Work Can Lead to Life-Threatening Errors, Study Finds

Cell phone addiction can have deadly consequences when you care for patients for a living.

Worried About the Mental Health of a Fellow HCP? 7 Ways to Take Action

Learn to recognize the signs — especially those that fly under the radar — and how to start an open, honest conversation with the individual.

New Research Reveals Another Reason to Keep Burnout at Bay — Your Heart Health

If it wasn't enough that burnout can ruin your career and personal life, new research shows it condition can also harm your physical health.

10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Healthcare Worker Should Make

As you head into a new decade, we encourage you to choose a few resolutions that can help you be a healthier, happier version of yourself.

No, You Can’t ‘Make Up’ Lost Sleep: 8 Tips to Get More Before Work

When nurses don't get enough rest, the implications are greater than for other professionals.

11 Tips for Clinicians Interested in Trying Out Intermittent Fasting

When clinicians think about trying intermittent fasting, they often worry about lapses in energy. But one expert says it actually has the opposite effect.

6 Surprising Perks of Working Holidays as a Health Professional

Holidays spent working are filled with the unexpected. One thing you can count on? Plenty of positive moments like these...

9 Creative Ways to Thank Your Colleagues Who Worked Christmas So You Didn’t Have To

You didn't pick a career in healthcare because you expected to be thanked all the time. But it doesn't hurt...

3 Communication Hacks that Decrease Conflict in Healthcare Settings

Conflict and miscommunication are inevitable parts of life, and in healthcare settings, where life-and-death situations are always around the corner, they're even more amplified.

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