Monday, August 10, 2020
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This Hilarious Hack Will Make Sure No One Steals Your Favorite Pen Ever Again

Peruse any nursing blog and you’ll see endless posts about “the case of the missing pens.” At the nurses’ station, good pens are one of the hottest commodities. Doctors steal them, administrators underestimate how many to stock and nurses must hoard them.

But not anymore! Nurses on the popular Facebook group Surviving Nursing School with Nurse Angie are going crazy over these hilarious pens available for Amazon for $6.29. Called “Borrow My Pen,” the package is marked with the tagline, “Pens guaranteed to leave an impression…”

Take a peek at the full list and you’re sure to have a giggle.

Hopefully your coworkers will be cautious of stealing a writing utensil that’s “proof” of having visited an electrolysis facility or a pet taxidermy service.

Do you have any hacks for hanging on to your pens? Share them in the comments!

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