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RNs, NPs and PAs Spend Thousands of Dollars a Year on Out-of-Pocket Expenses

You know working in healthcare can be a drain on your emotional well-being and your physical energy — but a new survey of Florence Health’s community of healthcare professionals reveals it can also slim your wallet.

We asked more than 1,000 nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and physician assistants how much they spend on out-of-pocket expenses for their job. On average, NPs and PAs answered that they spend around $15,000 annually. For RNs, that number was around $830.

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Our survey also found that nurses and PAs hold a considerable amount of budget for their employers. NPs and PAs receive about $17,000 to spend on supplies and services and influence about $23,000 worth of purchases at their primary place of employment. On the other hand, RNs have about $26,000 for supplies and services and influence $19,000 worth of purchases.

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So what are nurses and PAs spending their own money on?

While we didn’t ask our respondents in this particular survey, some of the most common out-of-pocket expenses include:

  • Clothing, such as scrubs, shoes, compression socks and undershirts
  • Medical tools, such as stethoscopes, workbooks, log books, thermometers, glasses, a pen light, medical scissors, blood-pressure cuff
  • Electronics, such as computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Trade magazine and journal subscriptions (Florence Health’s membership is free!)
  • Travel expenses

What are your biggest out-of-pocket expenses as healthcare professional? Do you have any money-saving strategies? Comment below or email to share!

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