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9 Nurses Share Their Most Memorable Mistakes on the Job

What is exactly is a “nursing mistake”? It’s “when a nurse is human and makes a mistake,” according to one #NurseTwitter user.

During a Twitter chat hosted by Lessons from the Bedside and moderated by ReepRN on Monday night, dozens of nurses got together online to discuss the impact of errors they’ve made during their careers and how they moved forward.

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Below are some of the most powerful stories and their advice for becoming a stronger healthcare professional afterward.

Nurses share their most memorable mistakes…

Nurses share the reason for their mistakes…

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Nurses share what they learned from their mistakes — and from talking about them…

To participate in Lessons from the Bedside’s next Twitter chat, log on Monday at 9 p.m. ET and share your thoughts using the hashtag #TweetRN.

Last updated on 10/9/19.

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