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What’s the outlook?

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2021 nursing trends are on deck, AMPing can lessen your Covid-19 trauma, and the coronavirus vaccine may get a weird rollout twist in the U.K.


The care strategy that you should use for your self-care

The Covid-19 pandemic is leaving trauma in its wake. As healthcare providers, you need to be ready with responses and interventions that can decrease adverse or traumatic events for your patients, your peers, and yourself.  To do so, use a familiar strategy: anticipate/avoid, manage/mitigate, and promote healing (AMP). 

We know AMPing can help improve patients’ outcomes writes Catherine E.F. Ensz, BSN, RN, CPN. But have you considered using AMP to approach the life that coronavirus has created for you?

Each day you move around in a society that may not believe your reality—that people sick with Covid-19 are filling your hospital, that people are dying, that you’re worried about your loved ones’ health, and that this virus isn’t a hoax. By AMPing the potential situations around you, you may be able to mitigate the trauma that coronavirus is inflicting on you.

Here’s a sample situation: You go grocery shopping, and there’s a patron who refuses to wear a mask and argues with the employees that he has the right to shop mask-free.

A: If you hear him arguing when you enter the store, you could leave; or head in the opposite direction of the argument. (This will work if you are already in the store, too.)

M: In this situation, the only person’s response and wellbeing you need to be concerned with is yours. Take care of yourself mentally and physically. Remove yourself from the situation, find a quiet place to take a few breaths, and decide your course of action.

P: Tell yourself that there are more people like you than him. Call a friend and vent.

If this situation is a common occurrence for you, create a go-to AMP so that you have a way to protect yourself from the trauma of your disconnected realities.

The big idea that is a bit scary

Most people can agree that we aren’t getting vaccines into people’s arms fast enough, but an op-ed in The Washington Post this weekend suggests halving the doses or putting off the second dose to vaccinate more people. Ultimately, the FDA would have the final say, and there isn’t much evidence that the vaccines would work as intended if this were to happen.

But our friends across the pond could act as our Covid-19 vaccine laboratory. The British have said in recent days that they will stretch out the interval between the administration of the two doses required for Covid-19 vaccines already in use—potentially to as long as three months, instead of the recommended three or four weeks, reports STAT. In addition, they may permit the first and the second dose for any one person to be from different vaccine manufacturers if the matching vaccine is not available.

If they succeed, fantastic! But if they don’t, the result could be vaccine-resistant forms of the virus or vaccines that are not as effective. Read more here.

The trends to keep your eye on in 2021

Covid-19 changed health care. It has revealed its strengths and its weaknesses. Nursing will change as a result. Here are a few trends in nursing to watch in 2021, according to Purdue University Global.

  • Telehealth and privacy concerns will continue to grow
  • There will be an increased demand for nurses with specialization
  • Nurses moving into the community outpatient setting
  • Nurse navigators will become a rising field
  • There will be more entrepreneurship opportunities for nurses
  • The need for nurses with doctoral degrees will rise
  • There will be more online nursing education programs
  • We will feel the impact of the looming nursing shortage
  • More nurses will get involved in advocacy and action
  • Awareness and education about self-care for nurses will continue to be prioritized in the field



The percentage of Americans who are hopeful about what 2021 has in store for the world, according to a recent Axios/SurveyMonkey poll.


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