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The proactive will survive

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The weekend is nearly upon us, and taking some time for you should be the only thing on your schedule. Today we examine how being proactive is a pandemic winner, whether you’re a nurse, a vaccine volunteer, or a sweet-hound.

Also, World Diabetes Day is tomorrow. It’s theme: Nurses Make a Difference.


Proactivity slays the pandemic

Proactive people tend to create positive outcomes. And compared to reactive people, they tend to perform at higher levels. A study out of the University of Notre Dame found that proactive doctors and nurses—those who tend to create change through personal initiative, were more successful during the pandemic. 

Researchers were able to follow more than 400 doctors and nurses in Wuhan, China, who had to shift from their previous specialties to respiratory medicine—an area for which they were not previously trained—when their general hospital transitioned to a Covid-19 hospital.

In the end, having a proactive personality was a tremendous benefit to doctors and nurses working to combat coronavirus. “More proactive doctors and nurses were able to redesign their jobs more effectively in a way that allowed them to capitalize on their personal strengths. That, in turn, led to higher job performance and greater well-being,” said the study’s authors.

In addition, the doctors and nurses who redesigned their jobs to utilize their strengths suffered less insomnia during this stressful period.

It turns out proactivity is a valuable resource in dealing with the stress associated with a crisis.

‘I was a coronavirus vaccine guinea pig’

“When I volunteered to roll up my sleeve for an unproven Covid-19 vaccine, I was nervous. Not so much about the vaccine—I’d done my research and felt satisfied it was safe enough. What made me nervous was telling my friends and family. How would they respond to learning I was going to be a guinea pig?”

This is the beginning to science journalist Amber Dance’s account of participating in the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine trials. Read her journey from the decision to participate to the announcement that the vaccine she was injected with—or not—was more than 90% effective here.

Five ingredient sweet treats for cool days

Between outside temperatures cooling and the holidays nearing, it seems to be a good time to fire up the oven to make some sweet treats. Luckily, baking doesn’t need to be a complicated or lengthy affair. These 37 baking recipes, made with five ingredients or less, are simple and satisfying.



The amount of people worldwide who live with diabetes. Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day, and this year’s theme is Nurses Make the Difference. It aims to raise awareness around the crucial role that nurses play in supporting people living with diabetes.


Alex Trebeck’s promos for the phone version of Jeopardy is the remembrance and the laugh you need.

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