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Today we have insights about the ACA’s day at the high court, writing professional papers that sing, the safety of disposable isolation gowns, and how #nurselife has changed because of the pandemic.


Yesterday’s big deal: SCOTUS heard ACA arguments again

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments about whether the Affordable Care Act can continue without the individual mandate. (It’s a long story and we want to be brief here.) The big takeaway from observers is: Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kavanaugh indicated they are inclined to uphold the bulk of the Affordable Care Act based on their questioning. Both are members of the Republican-appointed majority. So, until a ruling and an opinion is issued, we won’t know for sure the fate of a landmark law that provides health insurance to 20 million people.

What songwriting can teach us about writing

Participating in the research and publishing process is one way to advance your career, but it can feel overwhelming. To help get over the initial block, Saurja DasGupta, a postdoc at Harvard Medical School, taps into his experience writing songs for open-mic sessions to jump-start his genetics research drafts and presentations. Here are just a few of his tips

  • Transcribe your thoughts as they occur, without bothering with narrative structure
  • Identify the few essential points provides the skeleton around which your entire presentation or paper can be carefully fleshed out
  • The chorus is the section of a song the listener takes away with them. Your audience will probably remember only one or two key points from a presentation. Make sure to highlight the central theme of your talk and bring it back whenever possible, like a chorus
  • Write down sentences and phrases you enjoy from papers. These notes have improved my scientific vocabulary and writing ability, and this, in turn, has improved my manuscripts
  • Combat initial overenthusiasm, and leave your drafts alone for a few days after writing them. It presents an opportunity to step back, consider the bigger picture, and home in on the central message

More PPE woes

First there were faulty face masks, now it’s disposable isolation gowns. More than half of gowns from foreign or non-traditional suppliers failed to meet protection standards, according to testing done by ECRI

The non-profit, Pennsylvania organization tested 34 disposable isolation gowns with unstated levels of protection. The result: 52% of them failed to meet even the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s (AAMI) lowest level for protection. Of the gowns that claimed AAMI-level protection, ECRI found that 50% did not meet the AAMI PB70 standard for liquid barrier performance. 

Consequently, the organization has issued a high-priority hazard alert warning healthcare organizations about its safety concerns…just in time for the next wave of high-intensity PPE use.



The percentage of nurses that say working during the pandemic has been the most challenging time in their career, and nearly half of nurses have contemplated quitting their job at some point, according to an online survey. Find out what else 300 nurses said about nurse life during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Watch classic rock worlds collide. It’s the flashback we want to live over and over again.

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