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Find comfort in diversity

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Yesterday was election day. We hope you were able to vote safely.

Today we examine male nurse burnout, ways to make LBGTQ+ patients more comfortable, Slovakia’s universal testing, the comfort of potatoes, and the beauty of nature.


Male nurses also suffer from burnout

When it comes to male nurse burnout, not much is known—until now.

Male nurses have a mild level of job burnout and find work resources in short supply, according to a recent study.

Chinese researchers surveyed 366 male nurses about burnout and job demands, and found that burnout severity is affected by job demands. These findings are similar to studies that look at other healthcare providers. Basically, the higher the job stress, higher the likelihood of job burnout. 

Are you a male nurse and want to connect with others? You can at #male_nurses on Huddle.

How to make LBGTQ+ patients comfortable

It can be difficult for an LBGTQ+ patient to come out to a healthcare provider; however, some things can be done to make the patient more comfortable, according to John Hopkins Nursing. Small but powerful markers of support can help give patients feel safe to come out. 

When nurses and medical providers wearing a rainbow pin, use gender-inclusive options on intake forms and ask for a patient’s preferred name, it tells the patient that you see them and they are welcome at your workplace. These expressions of affirmation and acceptance help ease the patient’s burden of revealing their gender and sexual preferences.

How do you make patients comfortable when talking to you about LBGTQ+ issues?

Our favorite comfort food, now protein-pumped

When it comes to comfort food, roasted potatoes are high on our list. One reason: they can be reheated for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Another: They are the perfect blend of creamy and crunchy. Now, they don’t need to be complete carb-bombs. This recipe’s addition of egg whites increases the crispiness and flavor. We have a feeling this dish will be on heavy rotation this fall.



The number of Slovakia residents who were swabbed for Covid-19 on Saturday, the first of a two-day period of nationwide testing that aims to avoid a lockdown. This is nearly half of the country’s population and 1% tested positive, said government officials on Sunday.


Find beauty in how the amazing yellow-footed black heron hunts.

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