Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Federal Judge Turns Down the ‘Conscience Rule’: What This Means for Clinicians

Voice your opinion on the ethics of the "conscience rule" as a healthcare provider.

How Often Do You Clean the Electronic Devices You Use at Work?

From tablets to smartphones to laptops, electronic devices are increasingly important parts of healthcare settings, but they also pose hygiene challenges. They...

‘We Only Trust Nurses to Fix the Healthcare Crisis,’ Says America

Year after year, nurses are the most trusted profession in the U.S., and according to new research, this honor extends beyond their...

Measles Can Cause “Immunity Amnesia” in Unvaccinated Patients: Study

Two recent investigations explored the mechanisms behind which measles works. What they found was that vaccinations not only protect against the disease...

Americans Search for Info About CBD Online More Than Any Other Health Product

Thanks to marketers' claims that CBD can cure a range of ailments, from cancer to anxiety, interest in the hemp derivate has...

One-Third of Patients on Anticoagulants at Risk of Serious Interactions Due to OTC Meds

Most patients don't know much about drug interactions, but that doesn't stop them from deciding to take an over-the-counter medication without consulting...

7 High-Tech Products Slowly Replacing the Stethoscope

For more than two hundred years, the stethoscope has remained a fundamental tool for all healthcare providers. But with recent advances in...

Does Bad Weather Really Worsen Patients’ Pain?

The next time patients express concern to you that their joints act up during troublesome weather, don't dismiss them.

Patients Can Tell When Clinicians Believe a Treatment Won’t Work — And It Affects the Out...

The power of faith has its place in medicine. That's one of the implications of a new study published...

This Newly Certified Class of PAs is the Most Diverse the Profession Has Seen

If you need more proof that the PA profession is evolving, then look no further than the most recently certified group of physician assistants.

Leapfrog Publishes First-Ever Ratings of Outpatient Settings, Finds Quality Lagging

The Leapfrog Group released its first rankings of outpatient care, specifically ambulatory surgery centers and hospital outpatient departments.

Breast Cancer Trial Vaccine Eradicates Tumor of Stage 0 Patient

Thanks to a major milestone from a recent clinical trial, a breast cancer vaccine to protect healthy patients may be available within the next several years.

Is Hand Sanitizer as Effective as Hand-Washing to Prevent the Flu?

New research calls into question current CDC and WHO guidelines for hand hygiene to prevent the flu.

The Future of Antibiotic Development Under Threat: What This Means for Your Practice

Another day, another study about the failures of the current healthcare market. According to a recent analysis, drug makers...

No, It’s Not Just Millennials Who Want to Try Telehealth

The results of recent poll asking American adults about their telehealth habits may surprise you, especially when it comes to seniors.

How Much Does the Average Nurse Make? RN Wages Depend on Many Factors

Medscape’s annual survey of the yearly compensation of registered nurses reveals that their full-time earnings don't reflect what one would expect with the steadily growing job market.

HHS Issues First Opioid Guidance in Years: Don’t Abruptly Change Prescriptions

HHS is going back on previous recommendations that prompted clinicians to reduce opioid patients' intake with little to no tapering.

CDC Releases New Guidelines for Treating Suspected, Vaping-Related Lung Injury

As the number of people reported to be experiencing lung injury as a result of vaping or using e-cigarettes grows to more...

Meet the Team of Nurses Who Revolutionized Their Hospital’s EHR System

This multi-year undertaking called Project Joy has allowed nurses at the UCHealth system to spend more time at the bedside than they'd done in year.

The 2019 Magnet Nurses of the Year Will Make You Proud to Be a Nurse

The 2019 recipients of the Magnet Nurse of the Year Award all achieved recognition for the same reason: They wanted to do better for their patients.

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