Education for Registered Nurses

  • American Association of Colleges of Nurses (AACN). You can search a state directory for schools associated with AACN to findaccredited nursing schools. Accreditation is very important and you may not qualify for financial aid without attending an accredited school.
  • Although this is more of a consumer website, it’s still a helpful resource for health education for you to keep updated and a great resource to direct your patients, too.
  • AACRN free continuing education for nurses. The AACRN offers an entire library of free continuing education courses for critical care nurses, but they also offer a few selections online for free that can serve any specialty.
  • American Nurses Association. Along with professional development resources, ANA provides continuing education courses that you can trust for renewing your license requirements.
  • National Healthcare Provider Solutions. You can get certified in everything from basic CPR to Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) completely online through this resource, and find free resources such as practice quizzes and mega code simulations.
  • American Journal of Nursing. Touted as the “leading voice of nursing since 1900,” this journal offers additional resources outside of its helpful pages, such as continuing education and a video library.