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5 Apps That Help You Spend More Time with Patients

Did you know nurses spend only about 20% of their time on direct patient care — a fact that is “largely attributable to technology which does not support their workflow well, administrative duties, documentation, task management and care team coordination.” So, it’s no question that nurses need technological solutions that aren’t cumbersome and won’t impede their ability to treat patients safely and securely.

Here are 5 top apps, according to, that can help nurses be the best at their job.

5. PediSTAT Anyone in pediatric care or emergency care should have this app, which calculates medication for smaller bodies, analyzes symptoms and describes procedures.

4. Eponyms is indispensable if you have trouble remembering just what the symptoms of, for example, erlichiosis are. Look up common and not-so-common eponyms for much needed clarification.

3. Medical Spanish If you don’t already speak Spanish, you should really have this app. Step over language barriers and offer the best care possible to your patients with this Spanish assistant with audio and commonly used phrases.

2. Pill Identifier by offers the easily searchable pill guide you’re already familiar with from the website: you can quickly search over 10,000 pills by shape, color, strength and more.

1. Symptomia is a great tool for nurses and emergency workers. It allows the user to look up more than 50 symptoms, their possible causes and appropriate diagnosis.

For a list of 19 top apps, visit Nurse Journal.


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Last updated on 9/14/19.

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