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The Low-Cost, Professional Resource that Too Many PAs Underutilize

As a physician assistant, you may be a member of the American Academy of PAs — or you may see it as too big a financial burden.

Well, based on a super informative video from YouTuber Andrea Benedict, PA-C, you might want to consider a less costly option that might offer even more benefits: joining a local or regional PA group, which could even be a chapter of the AAPA. According to Benedict, membership fees can be as low as $25 a year,

Some other benefits Benedict lists:

  • Small gatherings, with five to 15 people, where people are more candid with information about salary, benefits, good and bad employers, etc.
  • More intimate networking, which can lead to more job opportunities in your community
  • Experience presenting at smaller conferences
  • Getting to know some “pretty awesome fellow PAs,” as Benedict says

If you’re interesting in finding such a group, you can do a quick Google search. Alternatively, go through the AAPA website to find out about state and regional chapters. If there’s nothing immediately available on smaller groups, consider reaching out to a state-level rep and asking for more info.

And of course, you should ask coworkers about groups they’re a member of to see which ones have the most gatherings, the best professional events and more.

Do you have any tips for joining a local PA group? Have you had an awesome experience from doing so? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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