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A-Day-In-the-Life of Nurse Practitioners

What additional degrees might you want to consider pursuing?

What are the most important upcoming conferences and meetings for nurse practitioners that you don’t want to miss?

In which states are your skills as an NP in most demand?

What are the most recent advances in nursing science?

What are the top 50 NP scholarships?

You can find answers to these and other pressing issues here – –  on the NP Education Blog. This blog section of a site called NPSchools takes on issues facing NPs who work in different areas of the country and who face different challenges . . . check out, for example:
A Day in the Life of a Rural Health NP or Tennessee NPs: The Fight for Full Practice Authority

And there are blogs on the state of NP practice. There is this good news, for example:
NP Salaries Hit a New High

The blog section also offers resources for NP students. Its profiles of professors are meant to “guide your educational decision-making.”

There are also are blogs here about life on the ground —  and in the air — from NPs who specialize in (among other subspecialties) acute care, aesthetic care, flight, trauma, midwifery, public health NP, orthopedics, occupational health, and nephrology.

But no matter what kind of nursing you practice, this “day in the life” blog series offers a trove of information and tips that you are likely to find useful in your daily practice.

The NP Education Blog, Nurse Practitioner Schools

Last updated on 9/14/19

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