Sunday, September 27, 2020

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4 Simple, Low-Cost Team Exercises That Will Change Your Unit’s Culture

Poor team work can hurt patient care. Reversing a unit's culture may seem impossible, but these activities make it simple, inexpensive and most of all, fun.

How Severe is Your Burnout? This One-Question Test May Provide an Answer

This exercise can help you assess how close to burnout you really are and these tips can help you move past it.

11 Tips to Reduce Conflicts with Fellow Healthcare Workers

Not only do workplace conflicts contribute to employee burnout, but they can also hurt patient outcomes. These adjustments can help your team gel, even in the most stressful situations.

10 Basic Cybersecurity Policies for Small, Medium and Large Healthcare Systems

Even among the most advanced healthcare organizations, implementing cybersecurity measures can be ineffective if not done consistently and with best practices in mind.

4 Compelling Theories Why Nurses ‘Eat Their Young’

One of the reasons nurse bullying still persists is that no one truly knows why it happens.

This is the Average Salary of Every Type of Hospital Employee

Employment in the healthcare and social assistance sector will account for one-third of all new jobs in the U.S. in 2026.

Eliminate Implicit Bias From Patient Interactions by Practicing the ‘5Rs of Cultural Humi...

No matter how hard you try, your personal biases will affect your patient interactions at some point. Asking these questions can help you give your patients the respect they deserve — but you might be too exhausted to always provide.

5 Top Things to Know About Nurse Bullies — And How to Stop Them

Some 85 percent of nurses are bullied. Both nurses and healthcare administrators have an obligation to stop this behavior.

5 Ways Hospitals Can Redesign Leadership and Manager Roles to Attract Younger Nurses

Nurse managers play a crucial role at hospitals by leading the nursing staff and handling their administrative needs. Their experience with bedside...

10 Ways to Reduce Antibiotic Resistance, Make ICU Units Safer

Outbreaks of Acinetobacter baumannii typically occur in intensive care units and healthcare settings with very ill patients. The superbug can cause life-threatening...

4 Innovations That Will Change Your Practice

Healthcare providers must now, more than ever before, be comfortable with change. They must not only be able to provide sound medical...

Post-Acute Facilities Must Start Acting Like Businesses

STORY ORIGINALLY RAN ON Fading fast are the days of post-acute healthcare providers viewing patients as their primary customers....

“Huddle Boards” Can Improve Patient Safety. Here’s How

At nursing homes, almost nothing is more important than medication safety. However, errors can happen at any point, from prescribing to dispensing...

Three Stars Will Be The New One Star

STORY ORIGINALLY RAN ON Nursing home operators call it low occupancy. Medicare insiders call it a declining census. Economists...

Hospitals Already Have the Key Tool Needed to Reach Zero Healthcare-Associated Infections

Story originally ran on:​ The medical world has declared zero tolerance for healthcare-associated infections (HAIs),...

Protecting Yourself From Contagious Patients

The CDC estimates that about 99,000 Americans die each year from health-care acquired infections. Here’s how you can protect yourself and still...

How to Effectively Use Email in your Practice

Email has always been a hybrid form of communication that puzzles many people. What started out as online letters with formal introductions...

Tips for Clinicians Who are Preparing for a Job Interview

If you are looking for your first job -- or a new job -- here are some tips on how to prepare to...

Get Ready to Travel the US as a Healthcare Worker

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities often experience staffing shortages that can’t be filled locally, particularly in urgent care and specialty positions....

Note Taking Tips for Busy Clinicians

NPs and PAs have many patient interactions daily, but all of that time can be wasted if you don't get the notes down from...

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