Friday, February 26, 2021

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What professionalism in healthcare looks like

When Professionalism Doesn’t Look the Same to Everyone

What does professionalism mean to you? What does it look like? No matter your vision it probably focuses in the manner that one carries themselves, speaks to others, presents...
Cultivate a growth mindset of interest

Be More Innovative: The Mind Trick that Helps Spark Ideas

The world of nursing is changing and the ways to solve the problems that the pandemic has revealed in public health, nursing, and patient care will be to create...
A proactive team

The More Proactive You Are, the More Successful a HCP You Might Be

Proactive people tend to create positive outcomes. And compared to reactive people, they tend to perform at higher levels. Now, a study out of the University of...

Rethink How You Pay for Nursing School with Income Share Agreements (ISAs)

This post is sponsored by Stride Funding. 12 percent, 26 percent, 31 percent—these are the growth rates projected for RNs, NPs and PAs over...

These are the Highest-Paying Certifications for Nurse Practitioners

For the first time, the AANP also released state-by-state rankings of nurse practitioner pay.
creating a culture of trust

Diversity in Healthcare: What You Need to Know Right Now

A lack of diversity among healthcare workers hurts professionals and patients alike. One nurse offers her perspective on the issue and how the industry can do better.
navigating CE system

7 Creative and Free Ways for RNs, APRNs, and PAs to Keep Up CEUs

CEUs come in classroom-style trainings, paid courses, conferences, and other unique and creative formats for every kind of learner.

8 Actions to Take to Advance Your Career in 2020, Year of the Nurse

Celebrate your profession and advance your career at the same time with these tips from nurse and podcast host Shawna Butler.

Pursuing More Education as a PA — Is It Worth It?

What are the benefits of pursuing a master's degree or doctorate as a PA? The answer will reflect the current state of your career and overall goals.

Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner Professions See Unparalleled Growth in Recent Years

Lately, PAs and NPs have been regularly ranked among the best jobs in the country — and it looks like it's starting to catch on!
PA and physician collaborating

7 Strategies to Try When You Butt Heads with Your Collaborating MD

A job in healthcare means navigating challenging relationships. For many APPs, working with a collaborating physician tops the list.
healthcare provider after making medical error

So, You’ve Made a Medical Error — What Should You Tell the Patient?

New research takes a stab at answering this perennial question.

11 Surprising Facts About Trauma, Emergency and Transport Nurses

The 2019 Emergency/Trauma/Transport Nursing Workforce Survey highlights the struggles these health nurses face, their career goals and more.
nurse responding to bullying

5 Responses Guaranteed to Shut Down Nurse Bullying as Soon as You See It

Nurse bullying will only truly disappear when every single nurse makes an effort to eliminate it.

The ICU vs. ED: What Pays Better?

Check out the average salary for RNs, NPs and PAs working in the ICU and ED, and see how it compares to the national average.

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