Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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4 Simple, Low-Cost Team Exercises That Will Change Your Unit’s Culture

Poor team work can hurt patient care. Reversing a unit's culture may seem impossible, but these activities make it simple, inexpensive and most of all, fun.

How Much Does the Average Nurse Make? RN Wages Depend on Many Factors

Medscape’s annual survey of the yearly compensation of registered nurses reveals that their full-time earnings don't reflect what one would expect with the steadily growing job market.
how to prevent burnout

Does Burnout Really Lead to Worse Patient Care?

It's presumed that burnout drastically harms the quality of patient care, but previous research into the subject might be lacking...

WATCH: An NP and Resident Get Real About the Difference Between Their Work

An NP and a resident discuss practice autonomy, quality of life and more.
new nurse who made a mistake

Nurses Share Successful Strategies They’ve Tried to Stop Workplace Bullying

In theory, it's up to nurse leaders and administrators to deal with bullying at their facilities, but this often doesn't happen. Then, the responsibility falls on nurses themselves.

Magnet Conference 2019: What’s New This Year & Can’t-Miss Events

The annual Magnet Conference, hosted by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, kicks off Thursday, October 10, in sunny Orlando.
burnout curve

How Severe is Your Burnout? This One-Question Test May Provide an Answer

This exercise can help you assess how close to burnout you really are and these tips can help you move past it.

Survey: These Are the Highest-Paying Practice Settings for NPs and PAs

Job earnings and availability are on an upward trajectory for nurse practitioners and physician assistants, according to the latest salary report from Clinical Advisor.

Poll: Should the ‘Physician Assistant’ Name Be Changed?

On a daily basis, does the work you’re performing feel like that of an assistant?

3 Important Milestones for PAs Within the Past Year

As we celebrate PAs, it's important to recognize some of the biggest milestones from the past year, while looking ahead at what the future may hold.

5 Benefits of Being a Preceptor You’ve Probably Never Thought of

Helping mold the future of your profession might make you feel warm and fuzzy — but precepting can have financial and professional perks, too...

These 13 States Will Have the Most NP, PA Jobs Over the Next 4 Years

You've likely already heard NPs and PAs are two of the most in-demand professions — but you might need to move states to take full advantage.

11 Nurses Share Why They Decided to Leave the Bedside

Understaffing, low-pay, more high-acuity patients, abuse from peers and leaders, physical injuries and burnout all drive nurses away from the bedside.

Survey: Nurses’ Hourly Pay Is Highest in These Cities

Because nursing pay can vary widely depending on speciality, city, education and level of experience, it can be tough to know your worth — and fight for...
advice for medical malpractice protection

7 Dos and Don’ts of Medical Malpractice Insurance for RNs, NPs and PAs

As RNs, NPs and PAs become more autonomous, their statistical risk of being sued for malpractice increases. Learn how to protect yourself.
new nurse who made a mistake

5 Most Common Mistakes Made by New Nurses

It's impossible to prevent every mistake, but when you're learning a new floor or working with new nurses, being aware of these common mistakes can help you catch them before they happen.

3 Ways to Help Yourself After an Assault by a Patient

Roughly 75 percent of workplace assaults every year take place in healthcare settings. Nurses are the most likely to be victimized.
cyber security for healthcare systems

10 Basic Cybersecurity Policies for Small, Medium and Large Healthcare Systems

Even among the most advanced healthcare organizations, implementing cybersecurity measures can be ineffective if not done consistently and with best practices in mind.
why nurses bully

4 Compelling Theories Why Nurses ‘Eat Their Young’

One of the reasons nurse bullying still persists is that no one truly knows why it happens.
hospital employee salaries

This is the Average Salary of Every Type of Hospital Employee

Employment in the healthcare and social assistance sector will account for one-third of all new jobs in the U.S. in 2026.

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