Sunday, December 15, 2019

Susan Kweskin

Susan Kweskin has been a medical writer and editor for decades. Most recently, she served as Editorial Director of a number of print publications and websites, including Psychiatric Times, Drug Topics,,,, and




The Devil is in the details. This homily clearly applies to the use of major pain control drugs and the current opioid...
Acne: it’s just one of the many reasons to be glad you’re not a teenager any more. If you are lucky, you’ve...
Many parts of the US are becoming more culturally diverse. No surprise then, that attempts to communicate with patients who speak a...
What additional degrees might you want to consider pursuing? What are the most important upcoming conferences and meetings for...
Apps in clinical practice? There is a dazzling -- and often bewildering -- array out there, all purporting to help you deliver better...
COPD: it is currently the world’s fourth leading cause of death and a major cause of chronic morbidity. And things are projected...

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