Sunday, May 24, 2020

Shivanie Harry

Shivanie Harry currently serves as Team Lead in the Regulatory and Compliance Department of a health benefit management firm in New York. She has over 4 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. Her background is firmly rooted in safeguarding patient privacy and ensuring quality of care. Shivanie is also full time business undergraduate student who is passionate about writing. She is looking forward to graduating next year with her Bachelor’s degree and then moving on to law school.”




Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently developed a fast-acting skin patch that efficiently delivers medication to attack melanoma cells.
Obamacare spurred modest health improvements for adults with high school degrees or less. But real change will only come from increased access to education.
When an individual who’s had a heart attack makes a habit of skipping breakfast and eating dinner near bedtime, his or her...
The purpose of the military's Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) is to stop arterial blood flow from an injured limb in adults. In...
In North Dakota, PAs and advanced practice RNs can recommend and sign medical marijuana cards.
New research sheds light on the toll gun injuries take on patients, healthcare providers, and the American healthcare system. 

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